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What's Happening?

Big Kid Kindergarten: An Immersive Play Experience for Adults 


We bring grown-ups into a fully immersive play experience, inviting them to play as they did as kids and connect with strangers through art materials, blocks, games and other play-based learnings. Make friends, get reinspired, create, and play!

We're researching third spaces for adults and how they play as we travel, while hosting pop-up events along the way.

Contact us for coming to your country or city!

Playshops: Workshops for Organizations


As grown-ups, we've forgotten how to play. Reignite your sense of wonder and joy with a play workshop! Great for organizations and companies focussed on problem-solving, skill-building, and team connection. Offered online, or in person.


Contact us for a quote to bring a Playshop to your community or organization.

Playtime Online


An online version of Big Kid Kindergarten, welcome to anyone over 18. We meet over Zoom.


We are taking a break from online events for now!

Stay tuned ✨ 

An interactive play experience for grown-ups that asks us what we've left behind.

“It was such a therapeutic experience, and I only wish it was longer! I could've happily done it all day!"

Lee N


My name is Soleil, and I'll be your

Big Kid Kindergarten teacher this year!

I'm a certified early childhood educator, and I'm a big proponent of play-based living! After learning so much from the children I work with, I'm sharing everything I've learned from kids' best practices with adults.

I've been a teacher in traditional and nontraditional education settings for seven years, and hold a Master's degree in Education. This project is a combination of my interest in play, connection, and adult friendships. 


After all, there's plenty of great after-school clubs, summer camps, and other activities for kids, but there aren't many places dedicated to play for grown-ups!

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